At the beginning of the course I felt somehow scared that I would not be able to do well because of the creativity of it. I thought that it would require advanced creativity skills. However , it turned out to be the complete opposite.  It actually turned out that I don’t need to have any skills and this is the most important thing i have learned throughout the course. Creativity is not an innate trait, but rather a gained skill through practice and persistence.  What proved that creativity is learned is the fact that i actually gained and improved my creative skills. I found myself able to think in diverse ways and find solutions to many problems using critical thinking and reaching solutions creatively. I found myself exploring new ways of thinking and facing obstacles and overcoming them using new techniques which i have learned in this course, such as tackling any problem by analysing and examining all possibilities or sides. The only drawback was that we did not dig deeper on the creativity techniques to follow or do any research on the issue. We were just introduced to the topics and main ideas and headlines. The activity that contributed most to my learning was the game. It is actually a demonstration of several elements of creativity combined together. It is an illustration of, both,  teamwork and creative thinking. We , as a group, wanted to design a game that tackles a social and viral issue in a creative and educational way, which we managed to do. This process was helpful in making me think and make connections between a problem and how to turn it in a game that teaches people something and is fun at the same time. It also taught me how to reach middle-grounds when coping with several people and how to combine all ideas in one which would satisfy all. I think that this is what creativity is all about! Having the ability to implement ideas in a form of a game is the true purpose of creativity. I also loved the podcast assignment, as it addressed a new way of expressing feelings and empathy with people. Throughout the course, i found some difficulties that made it a bit harder for me, such as the time span of the activities which was the short duration of the time to finish tasks. It actually limited my creativity as it limited my time to think more deeply.  After the course is over, I can officially say that I am a creative-thinker! I can dig deep in any issue and find solutions to problems efficiently and creatively. I feel that i can solve any problem and combine many elements together to come up with ideas and solutions.


Literacy Test

A game that reflects much of our society or in other words, the entire world. A problem that has been spreading across the world, where everything can be changed. News are changed and formulated in a way to fit the audience accordingly. We live in a time where nothing and no one can be trusted even our news coverages. What drove me to think of that type of game is Donald Trump’s video when they changed the original picture on the drawing that was displayed and replaced it with the Holy Ka3ba. We thought of displaying some news and make the players figure out the validity of such claim or piece of news. This could be done through searching on the internet or any other platform to know the truth. This teaches people several things, firstly, to not believe anything they hear or see right away. Secondly, how to find out the truth in situations like those. It teaches the players what to believe and in what context. They are supposed to learn also what media platforms to trust and believe. I found this game essential to humanity nowadays as the truth can hardly be found. These are the main goals of the game. If i had more time though, i would’ve focused more on the methods of researching instead of having people guess the answer. I would also try to figure out a way to make people play it without having to rely on the internet as some may not have internet access all the time.


Creatopia was a great way to illustrate how creativity can reach supreme levels. I personally found it inspiring, looking at all the ideas and effort put into it. I played most of the games there like chemistry cards which strengthens our knowledge of chemical forms but in a fun way. Them there was another one where we had to create links between the words or cards which i found the most interesting of them all because it challenges our minds to create or think of links between ideas that we couldve never thought about before. Another one was a game which we had to look for each quote and link it to the ones that held the same ideas or concepts which depends on analysis-skills. You analyze the quote and find out the meaning behind it to attach them to other quotes. The only game that (in my opinion) would need some kind of improvement would be the chemistry-related could be implemented in a much entertaining way and also it is done on the assumption that everyone knows all the names or chemical compounds. I would love to interview the person behind the game that links things, names, food and words together an gain an insight on the inspiration behind it all and how did he/she come up with this idea..?

Potatoes on the rescue!

As our final project we were asked to first identify the difference between poverty, the state of being extremely poor snd lacking basic needs for survival, hunger, uneasy or painful sensation due to the lack of food, and waste which is the food lost or discarded. Then we were asked create a solution to food wastage, focusing on a specific food. We chose potatoes due to the high rate of wastage occurring increasingly these days. We also made research to find out what the damages are and the reasons behind them. The damages that happen during the storage process are mainly affected by the previous stages that influence it’s preservation. There is also tuber spoilage which is damage of the potatoes due to the temperature it is exposed to during storage as well as the contamination level. The tuber should be dry and mud free to prevent an increase in humidity and heat and all damages potatoes should be eliminated from storage. Another main component in the spoilage process is soft rot disease which is caused by bacteria present in the potatoes which leads to lots of losses if not properly stored. These damages occur due to several reasons such as damages in the harvesting stage, high temperatures  and sunlight exposure. We also made some observations addressing the fact that supermarkets usually remove potatoes that look damaged because consumers prefer purchasing the most fresh ones. Therefore, supermarkets end up throwing away huge amounts of potatoes that were left out by the consumers. Finally, we came up with a costly solution at first which would include the usage of sensors and indicators detecting potato contamination  to prevent further spread of the disease. After using SCAMPER, we came up with the most suitable solution. The solution is that several trucks should be parked close to the site where the majority of potatoes are being harvested and sprinklers containing anti-bacterial chemicals , which prevent the soft rot from developing, are installed in tubes from which the potatoes are loaded in the truck. IMG_7693.JPG

An Unaccompanied Minor

In class we were assigned a specific task which was to create a journey map of the whole experience of an unaccompanied minor trip.  Then we had to identify problems or gaps with the processes that minors and parents go through when an unaccompanied minor travels. We started by stating every possible wrong turn or drawback that could hinder the process by any means. After that, we were asked to fill in the gaps which could be done by gaining insights about the process itself from credible sources using several techniques such as interviews from previous minors that went through this process, calling airlines and asking about details in the process and how it works and also by visiting an airline website and trying to book a ticket for a minor to see what is asked for. In my process i identified the key aspects of it which starts by reservation which is preservice then getting to know the child and check in, the actual event time, then the flight hours, calling parents upon arrival and checking passports and finally meeting the parents and delivering the child safely. The solutions or improvements that were presented were shorter reservation procedures to improve consumer relations, providing specialists in child development, professionals educated to even educate the minors about the specific country leaving from or going to and avoiding any delays whatsoever as well as providing quick services to improve customer satisfaction.



In the beginning of the course i had no idea what it really meant to be creative. I never focused on the idea of enhancing my creativity skills or being able to analyse a situation and come up with a solution accordingly. It started by a couple of readings such as the road to creativity which sincerely addressed specific points about being creative and how to boost one’s creativity skills. Along the way, we used to start all classes with mini exercises that helped keep your mind going and improving your skills (which it did). We were also asked to come up with solutions to problems in the AUC advising program where we were divided into pairs each receiving different companies and my partner and I were given Google. We came up with a solution that compromises of creating an application that consists of all the courses in the university and students would register online through this app. Then we were introduced to the idea of Empathy which is being able to stand in one’s shoes and actually feel or sense a specific situation. Of course, at the beginning i didn’t really have a hands on definition to empathy until I came along the podcasting assignment which not only improved my ability to empathise with other but also my interviewing skills or communication skills. It exposed us to a new aspect of communication which, in my case, was something new. It also placed an emphasis on the ability to dig deeper and gain insights about anything just like we did with the questions we asked. Again these are all techniques that were not addressed before or stressed anyhow. Then we moved on to the design thinking process which we addressed the topic of unaccompanied minors. We were told to create a complete process starting from identifying the problems or gaps with the processes that both the parents and minors go through those minors travel alone and what could go wrong and fix it. Then we were told to create solutions or modifications to those gaps in the processes in order to improve the service which helped me increase the span of my knowledge and creativity and how to use them to reach conclusions or solutions.  After that we reached our final project which was about food waste, which I feel was the most beneficial, we were assigned a specific problem and divided in groups. In my case, we chose potatoes as our problem and we dug deeper to find out reasons behind its wastage. After we’ve identified those problems we were asked to come up with a solution/prototype that illustrated our conclusion that we came up with which was sprinkles that sprayed chemicals that kill harmful bacteria in the filling machine before it enters the truck. This activity not only enhanced our abilities to solve problems and identify gaps but also improved our teamwork communication skills which again implemented the basics of creativity. Those are differing judgement and openness to new ideas and to learn new things. Overall, I benefitted from the course hugely in many ways. I’ve managed to think creatively and dig deeper and solve problems accordingly.

Dealing With Traffic

These days dealing with traffic is a major issue that is a source of frustration to nearly all people. The obstacle that was included in the experience I addressed was short temperament when dealing with condensed or crowded areas. This got me thinking of ways or solutions to the problem of getting angry easily, since there is no way to eliminate the traffic in Egypt. I came up with the idea of creating a homemade stress ball that anyone can make by following simple and easy steps. This is an efficient way to deal with stress or anger in any situation and in this case, when dealing with traffic. The problem in specific is that my partner was driving to a mall to buy a certain birthday gift and was very frustrated due to the traffic in and out of the mall. Then I came up with a way to solve this problem using easily accessible, recyclable material. I got a ballon and filled it with flour using a filler cone until it was nearly full and tied the end of the ballon in a knot to stop the flour from falling out. I personally struggled with process of filling the ballon since it is elastic and if left loose will burst and spill the flour everywhere. After successfully filling it though, I was happy with the end result. I actually found it very soothing and relaxing. I believe that this is a simple way of passing time in traffic and relaxing yourself regardless of the problem. What I also found efficient about it is that anyone can make it at home and enjoy the relaxing feeling whenever he/she wishes. Traffic is a worldwide issue that is forming many problems to people but with creativity, we can reach solutions to deal with these issues. Remember, Nothing is impossible!

The road to creativity

Creativity is not a trait someone is born with, creativity is a lifestyle. The road to creativity is a long bumpy road that gets smoother and flatter the more we drive through it. All it takes is patience and willpower to reach the better end of it. The bumpy part of the road portrays the obstacles we face when addressing creativity that are surpassed by several tools. One of the major tools that are used when driving through this road of creativity is curiosity, which drives our inner creative soul to know more about all aspects of life, whether them being of our interest or not. Curiosity will then make us face a broad span of topics which will form some kind of challenge and makes us discontent with our knowledge span. It will leave us wanting more which is why creative people choose to not give up and continue driving through this road full of mysteries and challenges to eventually reach the brighter or neater side. Another important aspect that creative thinkers have is seeing the good in the bad in other words, they see the bumpy road as a way or path to their wanted destination and will do anything to reach this place. They are open to any idea without judgment which makes any idea acceptable. They also view problems as solutions just like the bumps in the roads that they surpass to succeed eventually. Along the road they face many problems which opens their minds to new fields of interest. The difference between a normal and a creative person is that they are open to anything even if they are in forms of problems. For them, problems are seen as roads or paths to success and improvement which in this case is symbolized by the bright and neat side of the road they are driving on. The thing is that they never stop looking and wanting more, even when they reach their wanted destination they look beyond it and discover even more. Their destination is just the beginning of a new road of challenges and discoveries. A new road to creativity.

What are the barriers to creativity?

When speaking about creativity some barriers are adressed which can somehow form certain obstacles. Creativity consists of a  broad range of aspects. Some barriers that i found the most intriguing referring to the Tedtalk video and the reading were fear of being judged 2) fear of the unknown 3) fear of taking the first step 4)fear of losing control. The major barrier that i find is fear of judgement which is present in many cases and forms. The other major barrier or obstacle would be fear of the unkown. The reason why i found those two the most important is because judegment could be excruciating at time and very painful. One might face judgement in a very cruel manner which may initiate losing confidence in oneself or the topic itself. The fear of the unknown is also very scary, for me atleast. When addressing a certain problem or topic i fear finding out too mch about a topic or finding out orher unwanted ideas. It might scare me in a way or maybe scare/shock me and this will lead to losing interest in the topic or maybe just dismissing it entirely. This is why Some tend to expand their thoughts or ideas on previously explored topics. It is felt that it is a safe bas or fround to stand on and investigate further on in the topic itself. To wrap it up those are the two major obstacle that can face me in the process of  expanding my span of creativity and surpassing them would be a goal to work on them.