At the beginning of the course I felt somehow scared that I would not be able to do well because of the creativity of it. I thought that it would require advanced creativity skills. However , it turned out to be the complete opposite.  It actually turned out that I don’t need to have any skills and this is the most important thing i have learned throughout the course. Creativity is not an innate trait, but rather a gained skill through practice and persistence.  What proved that creativity is learned is the fact that i actually gained and improved my creative skills. I found myself able to think in diverse ways and find solutions to many problems using critical thinking and reaching solutions creatively. I found myself exploring new ways of thinking and facing obstacles and overcoming them using new techniques which i have learned in this course, such as tackling any problem by analysing and examining all possibilities or sides. The only drawback was that we did not dig deeper on the creativity techniques to follow or do any research on the issue. We were just introduced to the topics and main ideas and headlines. The activity that contributed most to my learning was the game. It is actually a demonstration of several elements of creativity combined together. It is an illustration of, both,  teamwork and creative thinking. We , as a group, wanted to design a game that tackles a social and viral issue in a creative and educational way, which we managed to do. This process was helpful in making me think and make connections between a problem and how to turn it in a game that teaches people something and is fun at the same time. It also taught me how to reach middle-grounds when coping with several people and how to combine all ideas in one which would satisfy all. I think that this is what creativity is all about! Having the ability to implement ideas in a form of a game is the true purpose of creativity. I also loved the podcast assignment, as it addressed a new way of expressing feelings and empathy with people. Throughout the course, i found some difficulties that made it a bit harder for me, such as the time span of the activities which was the short duration of the time to finish tasks. It actually limited my creativity as it limited my time to think more deeply.  After the course is over, I can officially say that I am a creative-thinker! I can dig deep in any issue and find solutions to problems efficiently and creatively. I feel that i can solve any problem and combine many elements together to come up with ideas and solutions.


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