Literacy Test

A game that reflects much of our society or in other words, the entire world. A problem that has been spreading across the world, where everything can be changed. News are changed and formulated in a way to fit the audience accordingly. We live in a time where nothing and no one can be trusted even our news coverages. What drove me to think of that type of game is Donald Trump’s video when they changed the original picture on the drawing that was displayed and replaced it with the Holy Ka3ba. We thought of displaying some news and make the players figure out the validity of such claim or piece of news. This could be done through searching on the internet or any other platform to know the truth. This teaches people several things, firstly, to not believe anything they hear or see right away. Secondly, how to find out the truth in situations like those. It teaches the players what to believe and in what context. They are supposed to learn also what media platforms to trust and believe. I found this game essential to humanity nowadays as the truth can hardly be found. These are the main goals of the game. If i had more time though, i would’ve focused more on the methods of researching instead of having people guess the answer. I would also try to figure out a way to make people play it without having to rely on the internet as some may not have internet access all the time.


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