Creatopia was a great way to illustrate how creativity can reach supreme levels. I personally found it inspiring, looking at all the ideas and effort put into it. I played most of the games there like chemistry cards which strengthens our knowledge of chemical forms but in a fun way. Them there was another one where we had to create links between the words or cards which i found the most interesting of them all because it challenges our minds to create or think of links between ideas that we couldve never thought about before. Another one was a game which we had to look for each quote and link it to the ones that held the same ideas or concepts which depends on analysis-skills. You analyze the quote and find out the meaning behind it to attach them to other quotes. The only game that (in my opinion) would need some kind of improvement would be the chemistry-related could be implemented in a much entertaining way and also it is done on the assumption that everyone knows all the names or chemical compounds. I would love to interview the person behind the game that links things, names, food and words together an gain an insight on the inspiration behind it all and how did he/she come up with this idea..?


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