In the beginning of the course i had no idea what it really meant to be creative. I never focused on the idea of enhancing my creativity skills or being able to analyse a situation and come up with a solution accordingly. It started by a couple of readings such as the road to creativity which sincerely addressed specific points about being creative and how to boost one’s creativity skills. Along the way, we used to start all classes with mini exercises that helped keep your mind going and improving your skills (which it did). We were also asked to come up with solutions to problems in the AUC advising program where we were divided into pairs each receiving different companies and my partner and I were given Google. We came up with a solution that compromises of creating an application that consists of all the courses in the university and students would register online through this app. Then we were introduced to the idea of Empathy which is being able to stand in one’s shoes and actually feel or sense a specific situation. Of course, at the beginning i didn’t really have a hands on definition to empathy until I came along the podcasting assignment which not only improved my ability to empathise with other but also my interviewing skills or communication skills. It exposed us to a new aspect of communication which, in my case, was something new. It also placed an emphasis on the ability to dig deeper and gain insights about anything just like we did with the questions we asked. Again these are all techniques that were not addressed before or stressed anyhow. Then we moved on to the design thinking process which we addressed the topic of unaccompanied minors. We were told to create a complete process starting from identifying the problems or gaps with the processes that both the parents and minors go through those minors travel alone and what could go wrong and fix it. Then we were told to create solutions or modifications to those gaps in the processes in order to improve the service which helped me increase the span of my knowledge and creativity and how to use them to reach conclusions or solutions.  After that we reached our final project which was about food waste, which I feel was the most beneficial, we were assigned a specific problem and divided in groups. In my case, we chose potatoes as our problem and we dug deeper to find out reasons behind its wastage. After we’ve identified those problems we were asked to come up with a solution/prototype that illustrated our conclusion that we came up with which was sprinkles that sprayed chemicals that kill harmful bacteria in the filling machine before it enters the truck. This activity not only enhanced our abilities to solve problems and identify gaps but also improved our teamwork communication skills which again implemented the basics of creativity. Those are differing judgement and openness to new ideas and to learn new things. Overall, I benefitted from the course hugely in many ways. I’ve managed to think creatively and dig deeper and solve problems accordingly.


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