Potatoes on the rescue!

As our final project we were asked to first identify the difference between poverty, the state of being extremely poor snd lacking basic needs for survival, hunger, uneasy or painful sensation due to the lack of food, and waste which is the food lost or discarded. Then we were asked create a solution to food wastage, focusing on a specific food. We chose potatoes due to the high rate of wastage occurring increasingly these days. We also made research to find out what the damages are and the reasons behind them. The damages that happen during the storage process are mainly affected by the previous stages that influence it’s preservation. There is also tuber spoilage which is damage of the potatoes due to the temperature it is exposed to during storage as well as the contamination level. The tuber should be dry and mud free to prevent an increase in humidity and heat and all damages potatoes should be eliminated from storage. Another main component in the spoilage process is soft rot disease which is caused by bacteria present in the potatoes which leads to lots of losses if not properly stored. These damages occur due to several reasons such as damages in the harvesting stage, high temperatures  and sunlight exposure. We also made some observations addressing the fact that supermarkets usually remove potatoes that look damaged because consumers prefer purchasing the most fresh ones. Therefore, supermarkets end up throwing away huge amounts of potatoes that were left out by the consumers. Finally, we came up with a costly solution at first which would include the usage of sensors and indicators detecting potato contamination  to prevent further spread of the disease. After using SCAMPER, we came up with the most suitable solution. The solution is that several trucks should be parked close to the site where the majority of potatoes are being harvested and sprinklers containing anti-bacterial chemicals , which prevent the soft rot from developing, are installed in tubes from which the potatoes are loaded in the truck. IMG_7693.JPG


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