An Unaccompanied Minor

In class we were assigned a specific task which was to create a journey map of the whole experience of an unaccompanied minor trip.  Then we had to identify problems or gaps with the processes that minors and parents go through when an unaccompanied minor travels. We started by stating every possible wrong turn or drawback that could hinder the process by any means. After that, we were asked to fill in the gaps which could be done by gaining insights about the process itself from credible sources using several techniques such as interviews from previous minors that went through this process, calling airlines and asking about details in the process and how it works and also by visiting an airline website and trying to book a ticket for a minor to see what is asked for. In my process i identified the key aspects of it which starts by reservation which is preservice then getting to know the child and check in, the actual event time, then the flight hours, calling parents upon arrival and checking passports and finally meeting the parents and delivering the child safely. The solutions or improvements that were presented were shorter reservation procedures to improve consumer relations, providing specialists in child development, professionals educated to even educate the minors about the specific country leaving from or going to and avoiding any delays whatsoever as well as providing quick services to improve customer satisfaction.



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