Dealing With Traffic

These days dealing with traffic is a major issue that is a source of frustration to nearly all people. The obstacle that was included in the experience I addressed was short temperament when dealing with condensed or crowded areas. This got me thinking of ways or solutions to the problem of getting angry easily, since there is no way to eliminate the traffic in Egypt. I came up with the idea of creating a homemade stress ball that anyone can make by following simple and easy steps. This is an efficient way to deal with stress or anger in any situation and in this case, when dealing with traffic. The problem in specific is that my partner was driving to a mall to buy a certain birthday gift and was very frustrated due to the traffic in and out of the mall. Then I came up with a way to solve this problem using easily accessible, recyclable material. I got a ballon and filled it with flour using a filler cone until it was nearly full and tied the end of the ballon in a knot to stop the flour from falling out. I personally struggled with process of filling the ballon since it is elastic and if left loose will burst and spill the flour everywhere. After successfully filling it though, I was happy with the end result. I actually found it very soothing and relaxing. I believe that this is a simple way of passing time in traffic and relaxing yourself regardless of the problem. What I also found efficient about it is that anyone can make it at home and enjoy the relaxing feeling whenever he/she wishes. Traffic is a worldwide issue that is forming many problems to people but with creativity, we can reach solutions to deal with these issues. Remember, Nothing is impossible!


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