The road to creativity

Creativity is not a trait someone is born with, creativity is a lifestyle. The road to creativity is a long bumpy road that gets smoother and flatter the more we drive through it. All it takes is patience and willpower to reach the better end of it. The bumpy part of the road portrays the obstacles we face when addressing creativity that are surpassed by several tools. One of the major tools that are used when driving through this road of creativity is curiosity, which drives our inner creative soul to know more about all aspects of life, whether them being of our interest or not. Curiosity will then make us face a broad span of topics which will form some kind of challenge and makes us discontent with our knowledge span. It will leave us wanting more which is why creative people choose to not give up and continue driving through this road full of mysteries and challenges to eventually reach the brighter or neater side. Another important aspect that creative thinkers have is seeing the good in the bad in other words, they see the bumpy road as a way or path to their wanted destination and will do anything to reach this place. They are open to any idea without judgment which makes any idea acceptable. They also view problems as solutions just like the bumps in the roads that they surpass to succeed eventually. Along the road they face many problems which opens their minds to new fields of interest. The difference between a normal and a creative person is that they are open to anything even if they are in forms of problems. For them, problems are seen as roads or paths to success and improvement which in this case is symbolized by the bright and neat side of the road they are driving on. The thing is that they never stop looking and wanting more, even when they reach their wanted destination they look beyond it and discover even more. Their destination is just the beginning of a new road of challenges and discoveries. A new road to creativity.


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