What are the barriers to creativity?

When speaking about creativity some barriers are adressed which can somehow form certain obstacles. Creativity consists of a  broad range of aspects. Some barriers that i found the most intriguing referring to the Tedtalk video and the reading were fear of being judged 2) fear of the unknown 3) fear of taking the first step 4)fear of losing control. The major barrier that i find is fear of judgement which is present in many cases and forms. The other major barrier or obstacle would be fear of the unkown. The reason why i found those two the most important is because judegment could be excruciating at time and very painful. One might face judgement in a very cruel manner which may initiate losing confidence in oneself or the topic itself. The fear of the unknown is also very scary, for me atleast. When addressing a certain problem or topic i fear finding out too mch about a topic or finding out orher unwanted ideas. It might scare me in a way or maybe scare/shock me and this will lead to losing interest in the topic or maybe just dismissing it entirely. This is why Some tend to expand their thoughts or ideas on previously explored topics. It is felt that it is a safe bas or fround to stand on and investigate further on in the topic itself. To wrap it up those are the two major obstacle that can face me in the process of  expanding my span of creativity and surpassing them would be a goal to work on them.


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