Is creativity innate or is it developed?

” Creativity is something you are born with and cannot be enhanced or developed during everyday life”.. A myth that lies in people’s minds all over the world.Whereas it is something that one can develop by working on it. It doesn’t require an innate trait that one is born with. Although some people are innately creative, this doesn’t exclude others that aren’t from being creative. This was the major topi we covered in class today which actually triggered my thoughts into actually wanting dig deep in the issue. Evans actually supports the idea of creativity as an acquired skill in his article Surprise: Creativity is a Skill not a Gift! and other readings too but i found this one to be the most interesting of them all. We also addressed creativity with a different manner in ways such as playing games or undergoing certain activities that enhance our creativity in our minds such as picking certain surrounding problems and thinking of solutions to solve those problems using two randomly chosen words. We also brainstormed words that resemble other words like red and blue. I personally found the problem-solving activity the best of them all. it actually pushed me to think out of the box in some cases. I’ve also learned that creativity is not developed overnight. It takes a lot of practice and effort to reach the desired creativity level. It requires breaking the routine in means of everyday life norms, which will help in exposing one to new fields which widens the span of his/her knowledge. 


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